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Diverse Learning Environments

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Scope To Grow provides a nurturing, caring environment for your baby to grow and develop in their own time. We provide enjoyable, challenging experiences so children can grow to be competent and confident learners setting them up for their bright future. Each learning goal and activity set out by their Key Care Worker ensures they are ready for their next step of transitioning into our Toddler Room in Scope To Grow. We use a play based approach within the setting for all children based on Irelands early childhood curriculum framework Aistear. All learning experiences are linked to Aistear and Síolta Standards. 



At this exciting stage of your child’s life, we at Scope To Grow ensure that they are constantly learning and engaging in stimulating lessons and activities. All activities are linked to Aistear ensuring all themes are focused on throughout their learning. The themes used to ensure all aspects of a child’s holistic development on are; Well-being, Identity and Belonging, Communicating, Exploring and Thinking. Our Junior Pre-school room allows children to be brought out of our toddler room for a few hours during the day to spend time preparing for pre-school, ensuring they are ready for the transition and spending more time doing table-top activities. 

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Our highly trained and experienced pre-school teachers take time to observe the children’s needs and focus on a pedological approach when it comes to supporting your child’s holistic development. Our preschool teachers each customise their lesson plans accordingly. The use of Aistear Curriculum framework for children up to 6 years allows us to focus on your child’s well-being, identity and belonging, communication, exploring and thinking. All learning experiences are planned with your child’s needs and development stages in mind ensuring they are ready to smoothly transition into primary school. 

After School Club

Many children in our afterschool programme, are those who have been with us from when they started in our Baby Rooms. They have transitioned through Scope To Grow alongside their friends and are now in a comfortable environment to begin their journey through primary school. We offer a place where primary children come when their school day is over. Our staff supervise and support your child doing their homework and school activities. We also provide a drop-off service in the morning and collection service in the afternoon to the local school. For Castleknock our local school is Scoil Thomais and for Ratoath our local school is Ratoath National School. We provide breakfast in the morning for your child prior to bringing them to school and dinner on collection from school. Following children completing their homework they get time to play outside or do activities with their friends in Scope To Grow.

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